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Student Agreements
Community Values (currently under review by parents)

• Developing a sense of community / learning in community
• Experiential Learning
• Consensus-oriented decision-making / family shared decision making
• Building a respectful learning atmosphere
• Fostering environmental connections and awareness
• Taking responsibility for our own and for each others' safety and learning
• Parent participation

The Camp Byng Declaration of Human Rights
(This declaration was developed by Galen Wilson, with support from fellow students, parents and teachers)

Everyone has the right to:

• Be treated with respect and equality
• Participate in and enjoy classes
• Have some recreational time for fun
• Express their honest opinions
• Befriend whomever they wish
• Ask questions and have them answered
• Answer questions
• Communicate with each other freely
• Not be punished for no reason
• Have equal rights
• Play individually or with other people
• Not be excluded from any group of kids
• Have equal time to play
• Listen to a teacher or adult or child

And so is found the Camp Byng Declaration of Human Rights, which applies to any students or adult of Camp Byng of the SPIDER Program.

Camp Byng Song
(Kids words to our community values with thanks to Mark Lebell for writing and performing the song and actions)

I want to be safe
I want to have fun
I want to know what's going on

I can help you
You can help me
Together we build a community
You, me and them hanging out by the sea

Key Words: Working in Groups

The key words list below were a result of a follow-up activity to the Camp Byng retreat.  Students were asked to write key words on file cards: words that would describe what the desired attributes of working in groups looks like and sounds like.

• having fun
• educational classes
• trying new things
• people working together
• different ages in the same group
• being nice
• good listening
• hands-on learning
• being friends
• communicating
• saying nice things
• being good
• eating lunch together
• being happy
• going the sun
• knowing each other
• sharing
• cooperating
• helping others
• friendships
• meeting new teachers
• no hurting
• having a good time
• talking together
• being kind
• freedom
• nobody disturbing the lesson
• respecting the teacher
• cleaning up
• respectful
• playing games
• united

Last Modified: Feb 12, 2018