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Parent Engagement

Opportunities for Parent Engagement

Everyone involved in the SPIDER Elementary Programme honours parents engagement in the lives of their children. Families involved in the program are committed to a high level of parent participation in all aspects of their child's learning and in the programme.  Parents are key contributors to the Programme's ongoing development.

Parents engage in the Programme in the following ways:

Being the primary educator of their child.

Providing family mentorship support: assisting new families as they develop their own curriculum design; organize resources; explore instruction techniques and share ideas.

Volunteer to sit on a seasonal planning committee: each term (fall, winter and spring)a committee is formed of at least four parents who will cooperatively plan for our Camp Byng sessions, camp-outs, and field trips.

Attending monthly parent meetings in person or via email: meetings are held the first Tuesday each month at Robertss Creek Elementary School either 2:30 or 6:00

Participate in the delivery of Thursday Camp Byng sessions: assist the teacher with workshops; assist children during workshops; help with outdoor supervision etc.;

Attend Tuesdays at Roberts Creek Elementary School: join in fun games in the gym, join in on a mini-topic round table discussion; assist the teacher with small group lessons; support other families with resource selection.

Attend Camp-outs at the beginning and end of the year: these camp-outs help foster connection and community building; join in the activities; have fun with other families; take on the leadership of activities or games, cook etc..

Attend potlucks: bring something yummy and socialize with everyone.

Provide workshops: offer up your talents so the whole group can benefit from your passions.


Thank you to the parents who have volunteered their time to prepare the educational program for each season. If you are interested and available to participate, GREAT!  Each committee is open to anyone interested with the hopes that the diverstiy of the SPIDER Elementary Program will be equally represented ie age of student, newness to the program or homeschooling.  Please contact Christa Rive ( or Sheena Careless (

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Last Modified: Feb 12, 2018