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About Our School
Welcome to the SPIDER Elementary Home Learners Support Program, a program co-created by parents and School District No. 46.  SPIDER Elementary is a learning community where families join together to share in the learning and growing of their children.  SPIDER is a fully accredited B.C. Public School and is part of School District No. 46 (Sunshine Coast).


• SPIDER is a flexible home learners support program that allows families the freedom to follow their own educational plans and philosophies while at the same time receive the consultative support and resources provided by a Ministry of Education certified teacher.

• SPIDER respects the parents as the primary educators of their children.

• SPIDER families have the opportunity to meet together twice a week to engage in workshops and group learning activities: Tuesday families gather at Roberts Creek Elementary School to access resources, participate in planned classroom activities, access the library and participate in supervised gym activities and Thursday, community learning day, takes place at Camp Byng in Roberts Creek and (See below for more detail regarding these two community days)

• Each family, in consultation with their Teacher Consultant, generates a Student Learning Plan.  The Student Learning Plan is required by the Ministry of Education and is a document that expresses the learning intentions in all areas of the curriculum: What are your goal? How are you going to get there? What assistance do you need?  How have things gone over time?

• Formal Reporting occurs three times per year whereby the Student Learning Plan is developed, reviewed and revised.  The review process makes use of a three way reporting format based on a portfolio style presentation of learning progress over time.  A report card is written as part of this process and is kept on file for parents should they wish a copy.  Letter grades are not issued for students in K - 7 and as part of the middle years program, unless requested by the parent or required for a specific purpose.  Families with students in grade 8 and 9 should expect a combination of anecdotal reporting and letter grades.

Learning Resource Funds are provided to assist families with acquiring the resources and instruction from various community providers that meet the goals set out in the Student Learning Plan.  The School District provides $600.00 per enrolled child for students enrolled prior to September 30th and $300.00 for those after this date.

• Families are encouraged to explore the various resources available at the Roberts Creek SPIDER resource centre, as well as in the marketplace, that match their childís learning style and delivery needs, and assist in achieving the learning outcomes set out in their childís Student Learning Plan. It is important to note that the SPIDER program does not issue standardized subject or grade resource packages.

• The Roberts Creek SPIDER Resource Centre offers access to a variety of materials that can be borrowed or used in the centre.  Additionally, families have access to all SD No. 46 text books and material when available.  Families are asked to bring in the resources purchased with Learning Resource Funds in order to reduce duplication and allow other families to borrow these resources (these resources remain the property of SPIDER).

• SPIDER teaching staff provide support on many levels including: leading workshops, small group lessons, Student Learning Plan development, review and feedback, consultation, resource suggestions, lesson planning and student assessment.

• A day of learning in community takes place on Thursday at Camp Byng 9:45 - 2:30 where activities are organized by a parent committee, in consultation with the program teacher, offering a wide range of workshop topics often with an outdoor component.

Tuesday at Roberts Creek Elementary, SPIDER/Multi-purpose room comes alive where families have access to the school library, lap tops, gymnasium, and playground, teacher lead small group lessons, mini-topic round table discussions, and families supporting families.

Extended experiences are planned for by the parent seasonal planning committees and can include field trips, Friday swimming lessons, family potlucks, and parent socials.

Fall and spring family gathering include day camp or overnight experiences emphasizing getting to know each other, making connections, sharing of our core values, having fun together, and trying new things.

If the SPIDER Elementary Program feels like the right fit for your family our registration process is designed to help you discover if SPIDER suites your family.  To learn more about the registration process and the program in general please contact:

Christa Rive, SPIDER Principal, located at Roberts Creek Elementary School, 1088 Roberts Creek Road, Roberts Creek, B.C..  Telephone: 604 885-9229,

Last Modified: Feb 12, 2018